About Lemon Mobile

What Do We Do? 

Lemon Mobile is a travel SIM company based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide a wide range of international travel SIM cards and other digital services for travelling to most overseas destinations, including Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East. We will also be launching products for South America and Africa very soon. 

Why Do We Do This? 

The Lemon Mobile founders have worked in the telecom industry for many years in Australia, Europe and Asia, and we have travelled to over 70 countries around the world. From our professional perspective, international roaming rates, particularly for roaming data, are way more expensive than they should be. We have heard too many stories about receiving a ridiculous mobile phone bill after an overseas trip. So we decided to provide affordable and reliable international travel SIM cards for our customers. 

Why Buy From Us ? 

With many years of experience in the telecom industry, we have built long-term partnerships with many of the largest wholesale operators and leading virtual network operators across the world. This allows us to make deals directly with them to ensure our customers get the best price and a variety of products to suit your needs and budget. This is our key advantage over other vendors. We are able to develop and launch products according to customer demands, such as travel SIM cards across a certain group of countries, or with multiple options on period of use. We offer the broadest range of countries for travel SIM cards in the market.