How it works

1. Find the SIM card(s) you need and order

  • Search and order SIM card(s) for your travel destination(s) on the Products page. 
  • Select your delivery method. We strongly recommend you use express shipping if the purchase date is 10 days or less prior to scheduled departure of your flight. You can view our shipping options here.

2. Land and use SIM card

  • Land at your destination and insert your SIM card. Important: Do NOT install SIM card until you arrive at your destination country.
  • Switch your device on and turn on ‘Data Roaming’ in your Mobile Data/Network settings. 

  • It will automatically connect to the network within seconds - plug-n-play!

  • Please ensure your phone is unlocked to any mobile networks.  

3. Still no network access? 

  • Occasionally some Android mobile phones (<3%) may need to configure APN settings manually to enable a network connection.  

  • Usually iPhones (iPhone 5 and later models) are able to automatically configure APN.

  • Please follow the instructions on your product package for APN configuration details. 

  • Here is an example on how to configure APN manually: 
  1. Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > ADD
  2. Add ‘XXX’ in the APN field and ‘YYY’ in the Name field.
  3. Select the new APN you created ‘YYY’.

Note that 'XXX' and 'YYY' are only for illustrative purposes. Please follow details in the instructions.

For any connection issues, please contact us for assistance (9AM-6PM AEST).